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Terms of Use

  • The Popster product and brand are the property of NUP TECHNOLOGIES P.C. a private company based in Athens, Greece 15125 Leoforos Kifisias 44, Marousi.

  • Harassment, spamming, posting of defamatory content, or distribution of illegal content is not tolerated on the Popster service and will probably result in permanent banning of offending accounts.

  • You are not allowed to make false or misleading statements, to imitate another user or to try to alter its identifiers and information.

  • You are solely responsible for ensuring the security of your account, you ought to orbit the access of a third person and abstain from any action that might endanger your account.

  • You are not allowed to create accounts for any other except yourself, personally, not to access a third’s person’s account, unless you have permission and consent.You must not search in any way, nor collect and use data and information of other users or access accounts of third ones.

  • You have the exclusive responsibility for any action that occurs via your account.Any transfer/concession/assignment of you to a third person is not permitted

  • It is not allowed the use of Popster for any discreet treatment or illegal,misleading,malign action,or action that violates rights of a third person,or the current legislation. 

  • It is not allowed the use of any means in a way that indicates a misleading way that involves the Terms of Use/Privacy and Policy of Popster.

  • It is not allowed by any method the display of consent that contains virus or other types of malign code.It is not allowed the interference ,dispute, distraction, restriction or disturbance, in whole or in part of content,the software, the equipment and Popster Terms of Use/Privacy and Policy or other that connect to them, with the broadcast of virus, “worm” virus types, spyware, malware or any destructive smasher code.It is not allowed the interference to content or code that affects the application and other Terms of Use/Privacy and Policy  that Popster provided.

  • It is not allowed the creation, or the submission, of undesirable comments, messages or non authorized commercial or vexatious information or communication and in general undesirable consent (spam).

  • Users can delete their accounts at any time via the Popster mobile app.

  • Popster isn’t intended for anyone under 13 years of age, due to legal reasons.

Content Guidelines

 At Popster, we wholeheartedly celebrate the art of music creation and artistic expression. We encourage you to share videos of your singing, performances, and musical creativity.

Feel free to use music from our library, showcase your instrumental talents, or even perform acapella. Remember, you don't have to sing directly in front of the camera; you can explore imaginative and artistic concepts that resonate with your musical vision.


To maintain the creative and musical essence of our community, we kindly ask that you refrain from posting unrelated content, such as random videos (with or without music), live performances by other artists, or any content that deviates from our music-focused atmosphere.



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